Everything You Need To Know About Dealing With Plant Diseases

It is pretty awful to see one of your prizes rose bushes racked with the disease. It is also sad to see your vegetables spoiled by rot before you could even harvest them. Knowing how to solve these issues is very important if you want to have good production from your garden. There are many ailments that can happen to plants. Learning about the various plant diseases can be very helpful when the time comes that your garden catches something. You will at least be warned and you won’t be terribly alarmed when tragedy strikes. Keep in mind what signs to look for so you can tackle the problem when they first begin.

What are the signs?

There are three categories of plant ailments that you should note. Unbalanced soil ph, weather conditions, fertilizers, and over or under-watering can cause non-parasitic issues. Then there are the parasitic conditions that come from bacteria and possibly fungi, which may have been caused by accidentally using the same tools on a diseased plant that you would on a  healthy plant. Bugs will cause issues as well as infected objects, but you can pass on the disease from plant to plant without even knowing it if you don’t understand how the process works. A Virus could also be the culprit of your plant disease that will break down your plant’s cells from the inside out. This problem will leave a trail of patterns on your plant that may look very artistic in some cases. You will also find that your plant’s growth may be stunted or deformed in some way.

Plant Diseases

There are thousands of plant diseases that can affect each individual plant, and there are some common diseases that you may come across very frequently.

If you have apple trees, for instance, you may notice a fungal disease that apples can suffer from called Apple Scab, which will leave a brown blemish on the fruit rendering them inedible. Our green leafy vegetables can suffer from worms as well as a fungal disease that causes yellow patches and mold, better known as Downy Mildew.

If you’re looking for a full list of plant diseases click here. This is an extensive list of every plant disease under the sun. You will discover that no matter what you have planted in your garden, there is a disease that can infect it.

Controlling the diseases

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to try and reduce the spread of the possible plant disease by giving each plant enough space to thrive. When/if you eventually end up with a disease, you must remove the infected plants. You may also want to consider pesticides to help control the bug population in your garden. When dealing with specific diseases, asking your local nursery expert will be very beneficial.


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