Early July Pest Check!

Summer has seriously settled in, and it’s time to get serious about pest maintenance. This growing season had a late start for much of our American gardeners, and it was cool enough for a lot of us to get started without being bothered by potential troublemakers. Now it’s time to look out for the creatures … Read more

Spotted Wing Drosophila Fly

You may not remember all the way back to the start of this growing season, but the government warned us early to watch out for some serious pestering by the spotted wing drosophila fly. That’s the invasive vinegar fly that’s been causing trouble ever since it was first spotted in California in 2008. It’s been a … Read more

How to Decrease Fungal Disease in the Garden


In the humidity of the growing season, garden hygiene is of utmost importance in order to keep plants free of fungi. Prevention is the best treatment for fungal infection, whether it be spotting or mildew. Much like the way humans can be affected by Athlete’s Foot or ringworm, a fungal disease can be exacerbated in … Read more

How to Thin Plants Suffering From Powdery Mildew

Phlox Paniculata and Mondarda Didyama (Bee Balm) plants are stunning additions to any yard.  They are, however, susceptible to powdery mildew–and especially during the Spring season. The fungus covers the leaves, which causes them to drop off and can lead to severely stunting the plant’s growth. While there are both chemical and natural spray remedies … Read more

Four Most Common Poisonous Plants


While nature has brought us all a lot of beautiful flowers, it has also delivered numerous poisonous plants that can really hurt us if we’re not properly protected. In fact, in the past, these types of plants have caused everything from headaches to death. Check out our list below of the most common poisonous plants … Read more

Protecting Vines from Deer


We all love to see wildlife and especially deer, but we don’t want them in our garden eating our plants. Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station has a list, which is accessible on their site, of hundreds of plant species that may deter deer from eating and damaging them. Best Products to Repel Deer from … Read more

11 Ways To Kill Garden Weeds

kill garden weeds

Weeds are like little unwanted leeches – they steal nutrients, sunlight, and water from the very plants that need it the most. The result? Those tomato plants won’t go beyond the stumpy sprout phase and your weed infestation is out of control. Why put in all the hard work and effort just to sit back … Read more