11 Ways To Kill Garden Weeds

Weeds are like little unwanted leeches – they steal nutrients, sunlight, and water from the very plants that need it the most. The result? Those tomato plants won’t go beyond the stumpy sprout phase and your weed infestation is out of control. Why put in all the hard work and effort just to sit back and let the weeds take over? Take action now and kill garden weeds with one of our proven methods.

Kill Them at the Start

If you’re just getting started with your garden and haven’t planted any seeds yet, try waiting a bit. Get your soil ready for your seedlings, but give it a week or so before you plant. You’ll see several weed sprouts pop up over that span. Take a hoe, and go to town chopping them up.

Apply Mulch or Hay

Using mulch or hay in a garden will serve a couple of purposes, one of them being weed control. Weeds need lots of good sunlight to thrive, and as long as there’s a thick layer of mulch or hay over the soil, they won’t get the sunlight they need to grow.

Use an Irrigation System

You can buy one at a hardware store or make one yourself with an old hose. Simply poke a few strategically placed holes in the hose and connect it to a localized sprinkler. When the water is running, you’ll notice that it irrigates where the holes are directly to your crops, rather than the open spaces (and weeds) between them.

Pull Them Often

Don’t wait to do it all at one time, because it may be too late by then. Catch the weeds before they start to seed and spread; the best way to ensure this is to make it a weekly routine.

Make Sure the Root Comes Up

Don’t haphazardly pull up a weed, collecting only the stem. The weed should put up a little bit of a resistant fight as you’ll be uprooting it. Leaving the root simply means that all your labor and toil was fruitless, as the problem will return.

Use Herbicide

Herbicides are simply organic weed killers. There are other non-organic weed killers on the market, but we prefer to use ones without chemicals for the sake of your crops. There are many spot treatments out there to choose from, or you can make your own.

Use Vinegar

Put vinegar in a spray bottle and use it as a do it yourself spot treatment for weeds. Be careful to not let any vinegar come in contact with other plants you want to live, as the high acidity will kill them quickly.

Plant an Aggressive Crop

A cover crop is a crop that is so aggressive that it won’t grow without overtaking the space around it – weeds included. This will take a year but will be well worth it because it will successfully rid your garden of weeds and allow you to start fresh. Sow a garden of soybeans or alfalfa; as soon as they begin to flower, till it into the soil and replant it. One year after that, your weed problems should be solved.

Baking Soda

Great for borders more so than in the middle of your actual garden, the sodium within baking soda will work to completely destroy any chance of a hospitable environment for weeds. Sprinkle some around the edges of your garden to prevent any weeds that try to creep in.

Create a Walkway

Laying a thick layer of something on top of your soil will essentially suffocate weeds over time. Carpet scraps, newspaper or hay all make great foundations for a weedless stone path through your garden. Dividing that open space with a functional weed-free zone will help prevent weeds spreading in any other part of your garden.


Mix one ounce of vodka with a few drops of dish soap and two cups of water into a spray bottle, and spray directly onto leaves in harsh daylight. The mixture will break down the waxy substance on the leaf and the sunlight will dry the weed out very quickly, eventually killing it.

Protect your crops with one of these all-natural weed killing methods. You’ll be glad you did when your garden is thriving and weed-free!


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