7 Plants You NEVER Want To See In Your Garden

There are some plants out there that are very unpleasant to look at, can be toxic if ingested, and dangerous if touched. We like to call these “scary plants.” We are pretty sure that we would never plant any of these in our garden, but you should be educated about them just in case you run into them. It’s always good to learn new things and be prepared. Here is a list of creepy and sometimes dangerous plants.

Bat Flower

This flower just happens to be an orchid, but it looks like a bat in flight. We don’t know why anyone would want something that looks like a bat hanging around indoors, but there are people with that unique taste.

VooDoo Lily

This is a gigantic flower with a very long tongue that points up. The stalk can grow to be 6 feet tall! It smells like rotting meat, and the flies love them. Yes, we’re being serious. This is not the plant you want in your yard if you want to make some new friends.


This flower has a beautiful color, but it’s quite dangerous. Also, it can be toxic to children and animals. Don’t let its beauty fool you, you should not touch this plant without gloves.

Stinging Nettle

This weed will irritate and blister the skin, so stay away from it. It is commonly found in damp places with rich soil such as pastures and yards, so pull it up with gloves if you run into some in your garden.


This plant has a pretty interesting story behind it. It can produce berries that are inedible, but the root can cause people to hallucinate. The root can grow to 4 feet long and resembles the human body.

Skunk Cabbage

This plant is pretty interesting and has its own heat source. If the leaves get mashed or bruised, the smell that it gives off will resemble a skunk or rotting meat. It will grow in swampy wet areas of the woods. If you try to eat this plant it could very well kill you. Small bites of it can cause burning and a choking sensation.


Its name makes it sound so fun-loving and sweet, but it is completely the opposite. This brightly colored plant has tiny arms that will catch prey. It will hold on to the insect for days until it has been digested completely. This plant would actually thrive in a terrarium and you could feed it insects for entertainment.


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