3 Unique Ways To Control Garden Pests

Garden pests can be pretty nasty. They’ll come into your space when you least expect it and start to slowly destroy your plants. Sometimes your plant beds can even be dug up. It seems as if all of the slugs and snails are mounting on full-scale attacks to only leave your plants in tatters once they’ve had their fill. We found a few ways to combat those nasty creepy crawlies and a few big pests like squirrels and neighborhood cats.

Coffee Grounds

Neighborhood cats can dig up any garden in just a matter of minutes. One of the best ways to deter them is coffee grounds. Not only do they make great fertilizer, but they actually deter cats. Cats don’t like the smell, so they’ll seek to go to the bathroom elsewhere. Even better, slugs don’t really like coffee grounds either. This is a good start if you want to add a passive addition to your garden. Even deer who are picky about what they eat may avoid your garden because of the smell. Coffee grounds are a must have for any garden, and better yet you can even just use plain old used coffee grounds. Just let them dry out first before sprinkling them over your garden.


Slugs are nasty little pieces of work. They’re slimy and they eat your plants. If on top of the coffee grounds you find they’re still attacking your plants, we recommend surrounding your plants with some thin copper sheeting. Not only is it decorative, but slugs absolutely hate the stuff. You can even just buy copper wool, cut it, and spread it around in a rough circle where your plants are. It’s very easy to do and will drive slugs away from attempting to attack your plants again.

Human Hair

We just mean any spare hairs you may have from your brush. Squirrels can be another nuisance when it comes to them attacking your garden. Since your hair has the smell of you on it, squirrels will be less likely to wander into your garden. It can even deter bigger pests like rabbits and deer who have strong senses of smell. If they smell humans in the area, they’ll decide it’s better to avoid a confrontation and move elsewhere. You can retrieve hair from a hairbrush and simply lay it on the edges of your garden. This will give you the best-desired effect for protecting it.

There are so many ways to keep garden pests away without having to resort to chemicals. Even weeds can be eliminated by simply pouring boiling water on them. These are just a couple of the pest remedies that will help to keep your garden safe, sound, and eco-friendly. If you want more, we recommend doing your own research. There are even organic bug repellents you can make to drive away even more bugs. We hope these repellents for common pests help you in keeping your garden healthy and green. Good luck!