Best Ways to Kill Mushrooms


Most of the time, mushrooms aren’t harmful to your lawn. While there have been cases where mushrooms caused lawn diseases, these are few and far between. However, a lot of gardeners don’t want mushrooms in their yard because they feel these plants lower the overall appeal. That’s why they look for ways to kill the … Read more

Weed Control Without Chemicals

weed control

Weed control is a challenge for any gardener. Weeds are probably a gardener’s worst enemy, threatening the health and beauty of your garden. They seem to creep up when you aren’t looking. And sometimes it seems that as soon as you get rid of them they just reappear again and again. Though it is tempting … Read more

Five Steps to Making Organic Pesticide


How many times have you gone out to your garden and seen tons of pests crawling around? Not only are they a nuisance, but they can cause serious damage to your fruits, vegetables, and flowers. While you may just want to grab a chemical pesticide from your local nursery, these tend to hurt your environment … Read more

Best Ways to Control Moss in Lawn


All gardeners can agree that it is annoying and frustrating to find moss growing in your yard. Typically, this plant shows up in areas where the soil is poorly drained and grass can no longer grow, as well as spots where there is plenty of moisture and shade. Do not let moss take over your … Read more

Preventing Mildew On Terracotta Pots

terracotta pot

Plain and simple, when mildew grows on terracotta pots, it is unsightly. This growth has a way of detracting from the overall appearance of the pot, leaving onlookers disgusted. That is not the only effect mildew has, though. It can also cause plants to develop diseases, which can damage or kill them. Thankfully, there are … Read more

Top 10 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

plants that repel mosquitos

We all know that mosquitoes can be a great nuisance, especially with this warm weather. The good news, however, is that apart from chemicals, there are plants you can use to keep mosquitoes away from your home. Here are top 10 plants that repel mosquitoes! Citronella This plant happens to be the most common ingredient … Read more

How to Control Bindweed In The Garden

kill bindweed

Every gardener, no matter how tenacious, has to battle weeds at some point unless they want them to take over the garden. There are many ways of controlling weeds such as spreading plastic or other material below the mulch to keep weeds from sprouting. Remember, not all weeds are created equal. Today, we’re discussing how … Read more