Natural Pesticide: First Saturday Lime

First Saturday Lime

Garden Pest Defender aims to help you keep pests from invading your garden. However, we prefer to do it in an eco-friendly way. The fine folks at First Saturday Lime have similar goals and a great lineup of related products. You might not like specific insects to be in your garden, but there’s plenty of … Read more

The Top 4 Worst Garden Weeds


Plain and simple, gardeners hate weeds. That’s because they tend to kill off the plants you’re working so hard to grow by sucking all the nutrients out of them. Plus, they’re often super persistent, so it’s tough to get rid of them in one full swing. Here at Gracious Gardening, we’ve put together a list … Read more

Plants That Can Be Dangerous

dangerous plants

We enjoy the visual splendor of many beautiful plants and flowers in our homes and gardens. The last thing we are thinking about is whether they are dangerous plants or not. After all, how can a delicate, innocuous thing of beauty ever hurt anybody? But the truth is, there are many common indoor and outdoor … Read more

How To Tell If You Have Garden Pests

garden pests

Some wildlife is beneficial for your garden, but some are considered garden pests. They have a nasty habit of attacking your plants when you least expect it. They’re annoying, and threaten the health of your plants. Knowing what to look for though can be hard for some beginner. So here are a few symptoms to … Read more

Grubs: Every Gardener’s Worst Nightmare

When you have worked so hard to create a beautiful lawn, it is always hard to accept that there will be problems along the way. Suddenly you see brown patches that were not there earlier. What could be causing such an issue? You water your lawn frequently but the brown patches never go away. There … Read more

Dampwood Termites: Defend Yourself!

dampwood termites

The dampwood or Termopsidae termite is the largest of all the termite species. It ranges in size from 1/3 inch to over a ½ inch in some cases. Due to its large size, it causes more damage to wood and wood structures than its cousins, the subterranean and drywood termites, and is a serious economic … Read more

Protect Your Fruit From Moth Infestations

codling moth

It’s one of the most frustrating situations to encounter: You work hard in your garden to yield a crop that will feed you and your family, and just as suddenly as the fruit blossomed and yielded a plentiful harvest after the moths come and eat away at it. Can you stop this? Not everyone wants … Read more

3 Unique Ways To Control Garden Pests

control garden pests

Garden pests can be pretty nasty. They’ll come into your space when you least expect it and start to slowly destroy your plants. Sometimes your plant beds can even be dug up. It seems as if all of the slugs and snails are mounting on full-scale attacks to only leave your plants in tatters once … Read more