Plants That Can Be Dangerous

dangerous plants

We enjoy the visual splendor of many beautiful plants and flowers in our homes and gardens. The last thing we are thinking about is whether they are dangerous plants or not. After all, how can a delicate, innocuous thing of beauty ever hurt anybody? But the truth is, there are many common indoor and outdoor … Read more

Four Most Common Poisonous Plants


While nature has brought us all a lot of beautiful flowers, it has also delivered numerous poisonous plants that can really hurt us if we’re not properly protected. In fact, in the past, these types of plants have caused everything from headaches to death. Check out our list below of the most common poisonous plants … Read more

Poison Ivy Removal in Three Steps

poison ivy

Plain and simple, poison ivy is a gardener’s worst nightmare. That’s because the resin in their oil is actually toxic, meaning it can cause everything from rashes when you touch it to lung problems if you burn it. There is hope, though. You can get rid of poison ivy in your garden by following these easy … Read more

Five Steps to Applying Herbicide Safely

applying herbicides

Any gardener can tell you just how annoying and frustrating it is to control weeds. That’s why so many of us turn to herbicides because they are an effective way to get rid of these nuisances. Unfortunately, though, since herbicides are poisonous to plants, they can be very dangerous to humans, animals, and the environment … Read more